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Airspeed was created in 2021 with the goal of accelerating connections between team members – helping your organization soar to new heights in terms of teamwork, engagement, productivity, and most importantly making employees feel more connected and celebrated.

As the Sr. UX designer, I was tasked with designing 6 culture building apps within the Slack messaging platform. This included knowing what and what was not feasible from a design perspective due to Slacks (Block Kit) limitations…there are quite a few! But by learning that, I could focus on using Slack’s core messaging capabilities to drive actions within the apps (in Slack) or when best suited take them out to a Web experience where I could control the overall user experience a lot better.

What we delivered
  • 6 apps in Slack
  • Web based admin
  • AI generated awards
  • Over usage reporting
  • Created design system
  • Designing within and existing framework (Slack)
  • Understanding what is better to leave in Slack native behaviors vs pulling other interactions to a Web based framework.
  • 3 different PM’s in 9 months

Airspeed family of Slack apps

Key Beta Metrics*

Customers aquired
> 50
Weekly engangement
engaged employees

* At the end of the beta, we found that only remote-friendly, mid-market tech companies were willing to pay, and since that landscape is shrinking, we lost confidence that we could grow a venture-scale business.

Generating awards from Shoutouts

From Slack you can launch the web application to generate awards from Shoutouts
Set the criteria and we would with the magic of AI scour all your companies shoutouts and generate awards
Review our recommended awards, edit as you see fit. All copy comes from at least 3 Shoutouts per person

Integration support for HRIS, Ticketing, CRM systems

Ability to browse entire suite of integration’s available.
Quickly choose from most popular
Set fields you want to pull in and sync
Ability so see sync status along with any potential error handling

Keep track of team members

See your team all in one place. Add notes and feedback throughout year. We pull any Shoutouts as well to help create a year in review draft.
Add and review notes ,feedback and prior reviews
Create a review draft based on all the notes feedback and shoutouts a user receives
Easily review all notes, feedback and shoutouts per person