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Account Page

I was the lead UX designer on Sales Navigator tasked with re designing our old account page in early March 2020. As we started to focus on “Account Centric” selling we wanted to make sure the new account page reflected that by bringing more of LinkedIn’s “goodness” front and center.

This included:

  • Bringing key alerts to all account pages
  • Premium data on hiring, growth, hiring etc…
  • Similar accounts with valuable data points
  • Buyer Intent (Data points on a company that show interest in yours)
  • Account Map (A way to visualize a company and people important to a potential opportunity)
What we delivered
  • Complete redesign (see metrics)
  • New Account Map
  • a11y compliant reflow design
  • New in page navigation vs tabs
  • 3PM’s with different agenda’s
  • Covid (1st project fully remote)

Key Metric Improvements

Engaged seller - core actions
Total leads save to lists
Saved accounts

New Top Card

Cleaner more top card for easier scan ability.
Quick search pivot links to find leads faster.
We removed “tabs” from the old account page that had less than a 1% CTR. Added a menu that lets you jump around single page design.
Brought “Key” alerts to all account pages allowing users to get a better picture of account health.

New Sticky Nav & Account Map

Sticky menu to easily let you navigate page.
Create as many maps as you like and quickly toggle between each.
Collaborate with team mates to build the perfect map for each opportunity.
We populate account maps based on tiers and based on titles you save and interact with the most to jumpstart workflows.

In Depth Insights

Adding more in depth insights on health of accounts was key. Seeing hiring trends (or not) lets users quickly make a decision on whether and account is worth pursuing.
Giving users the ability to quickly find similar accounts they can sell to is a huge…time is money for sales people.
We focused on putting “Key Alerts” into each module. So these alerts are all relevant growth signals.

All Account Alerts in 1 Spot

Previously we had no way to show Alerts on accounts unless you save that account. Now we allow users to quickly scan trends and see if accounts are active or not.
Easy way to filter through noise for accounts that are very active.