What is it?

PointDrive was a start up created in Chicago, Il. around 2014. I had the great pleasure to work on even before it was a “thing”. We started off as Fippex, a portal designed to track interactions with documents and files. But our founder (a sales guy by nature) saw a need to get this tracking information directly into sales folks hands.

Think of it like this, you are in sales, you talk to 50 people a week and share all kinds of information in email or some other way and then BOOM, you have NO idea if they read, viewed, shared or any of that information.

That is where PointDrive came in!

We created a way to package up things like Docs, PDF’s, URLs, Images and Video into a single presentation. This enabled sales people to send out these “pre-packaged” sales desks and get insights on what recipient read or watched and so on. Sales professionals could now quickly and intelligently follow up and close deals faster.

In 2016 PointDrive (now known as SmartLinks) was purchased by LinkedIn.

Press Release

Part 1

The builder

Personalize the presentation with title, hero image and personal information
Add inline commentary to each asset to create a cohesive story
Add pretty much any kind of document, video links, urls and let PointDrive of the tracking.

Part 2

The presentation

Recipients would receive and email which would launch a presentation all being tracked by user.
The entire app was designed mobile first recipients could easily engage with content on any device.

Part 3

The insights

Get high level insights on what recipients viewed.
Drill down to see how long someone viewed a pricing page or a video for. better follow up

What did I work on at PointDrive…

In the start up world you need to be willing to work on anything. Pace is typically faster and the amount of resources is a lot lower, so you jump in and do what you need to, to help the team succeed.

User Experience
Web Design
Web Development
Front End Engineering (very limited just dangerous enough)
Email Development
Graphic Design
Social Media Advertising
UER (limited)